Patti Heimlich, LMT (MT9088)

2013 Rosedale St. Houston, TX 77004
Phone: (713) 661-8796 | Email: Patti@hpregnancy.com

Soyla Peden, LMT MT047512

Licensed Massage Therapist


Soyla a native Houstonian has been a massage therapist for 11 years. She has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Soyla saw a midwife with both of her daughter’s births and is a believer in pregnancy being a natural part of a woman’s life. She had thought of becoming a midwife herself before her daughters were born. Soyla met Patti Heimlich in April 2007, and attended an intense internship in pregnancy massage, and birth doula care. She became certified in pregnancy massage, labor massage, postpartum massage, and infant massage. Soyla worked with Patti until December 2008 and attended 30 births during this time. One of her greatest moments was being a mother and doula for her daughter during her grandson’s birth. It was a hard decision, but Soyla decided to work closer to home, as driving from Katy frequently was tough. She spent the next 7 years working in Chiropractic Offices, becoming excited any time a pregnant woman came for treatment. Her time spent working in Chiropractic, has given her a different perspective of a pregnant woman’s body. Soyla is able to find and relieve problem areas quickly. One of Soyla’s goals as a massage therapist is to help her clients live a full life without discomfort.

Massage Techniques:

Swedish Massage 

Deep Tissue

Sports Massage 

Advance Stretching Techniques 

Positional Release Techniques 

Trigger Point 

Myofascial Release