Patti Heimlich, LMT (MT9088)

2013 Rosedale St. Houston, TX 77004
Phone: (713) 661-8796 | Email: Patti@hpregnancy.com

Taylor Bates, Marketing Specialist

Taylor Bates, Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist


After becoming pregnant with her first child, she wanted to do everything she could to ensure a healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby. She met with Patti and not only did she find an amazing doula to assist her but she also made a great friend in the process. Taylor believes so much in what we do that she joined our team and is now helping us grow so we can reach and help more mothers.
She has experience in sales, management, and has spent a number of years within the massage therapy industry. Promoting healthy living is something she’s passionate about but what she really loves is spending time with her family. Working for Patti is an incredible blessing as it allows her to stay home with her new baby girl and see her husband as much as she can.