Massage Services

In-Home or In-Hospital

With over 20 years experience, 

we understand pregnancy and postpartum care.

Benefits of a Massage

A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and some can be uncomfortable and stressful.  A massage helps to:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Increase circulation and muscle flexibility 
  • Provide relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, and sore feet
  • Improve relaxation and better sleep
  • Decrease swelling and fluid retention
  • Speedier healing during postpartum recovery


Massage during pregnancy not only keeps you comfortable, but also serves many benefits for mom and baby.  It can offer relief for neck, back and sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, and round ligament pain. It increases circulation which reduces swelling, and stress.  An in-home massage allows you to receive relief in the comfort of your home.

60 minutes = $125*         90 minutes = $175*

*Travel Fee added to Cost

  $25 within Loop / $50 outside Loop


A labor prep massage promotes a speedier birth through muscle relaxation, reduction of tension, and opens pelvis to encourage baby's descent.                    (37-39 weeks)

60 minutes = $125*           90 minutes = $150*

*Travel Fee added to Cost

  $25 within Loop / $50 outside Loop


A labor induction massage promotes labor within 24-72 hours.  Trigger Point therapy and Foot Reflexology.    (39 weeks)

90 minutes = $150*

*Travel Fee added to Cost:

  $25 within Loop / $50 outside Loop

We serve the 

Houston - Medical Center

and Surrounding Areas


While muscles are loose after labor, special massage techniques are used to help mom get her pre-pregnancy body back! It realigns spine and pelvis, helps uterus return to normal, reduces musculoskeletal pain, helps abdominal muscles to flatten, and decreases fluid retention. Clients call this service a 'must have'!  An in-home massage is convenient and allows you to be at home with your newborn baby.

90 minutes = $185*           120 minutes = $225*

*Travel Fee added to Cost

  $25 within Loop / $50 outside Loop


There are many benefits for your newborn to receive an infant massage:   Releases stress - Improves muscle tone - Reduces discomfort from colic, gas, and constipation - Improves body awareness - Stimulates circulation - Bonding time with Parents

30 minutes = $50*

*Travel Fee added to Cost

$25 within Loop / $50 outside Loop

Other Massages

Lymphatic Drainage



Myofascial Release

Instructional Infant Massage