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Childbirth Education

Class (via Zoom 

& Online Videos)

A childbirth education class helps build your confidence in your body's ability to give birth. You will receive the information necessary to have an easy labor.  

Take the class via Zoom or Online Videos!  Private in-person class also offered!  This class is taught by Patti Heimlich.



A birth doula helps mothers labor with less stress, more comfort, and speedier progress.  Absolutely wonderful for mothers wanting an all natural labor experience.  Very helpful for VBACs and also great for those planning for an epidural.

Virtual Doula


Doula support in a virtual platform. Support before, during and after labor can still be provided.  As a Virtual Doula, support is provided to promote a sense of calm in times of worry, anxiety, and stress.  



A prenatal massage not only keeps you comfortable, but also serves many benefits for mom and baby.  A labor preparation massage will promote a speedier birth.  The postpartum massage will help mom to get her pre-pregnancy body back.  An infant massage has many great benefits for your newborn.

Pediatric Cranialsacral Release

This therapy massage is often used for infants who underwent a difficult delivery. It is also effective for common problems that babies may experience, including nursing and feeding problems, colic, teething issues, and more. This massage eases the tightness in the baby's mouth, head and neck, leading to breastfeeding success.

Pediatric Myofascial Release

This is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Infant/Baby Massage

Class (Video)

This online class is taught by            Patti Heimlich.  You can watch this video at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.  

Parents and caregivers  will learn the benefits of an infant/baby massage and will receive massage instructions through hands-on demonstration.  It is never too late to begin massaging, and it can bring immediate and lasting results.

Partner/Dad Support

Class (Video)

This online class is taught by            Patti Heimlich.  You can watch this video at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.

Partner/dad is encouraged to be the "on-the-spot" coach and will receive instructions on how to be the best support for mom during labor.  You have this! 


Preparation Class



Belly Binding

Bengkung belly binding can be an important part of recovering from childbirth.  Belly binding has traditionally been used to provide the postpartum body the support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, support loosened ligaments and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.  



Your placenta contains high levels of healing substances which can offer many health benefits. Learn what kind of power your placenta holds and if placenta encapsulation is right for you!



These cookies help to increase breast milk supply.   Order these in our STORE.