In a virtual platform, almost everything a doula offers can still be provided:

  • helping to find a comfortable position
  • providing reminders about rest and hydration
  • providing guidance, relaxation and coping skills
  • helping to answer questions
  • helping to formulate questions for care providers
  • guiding the partner through hands-on body work that cannot be provided from afar

When Labor Begins:

  • Doula can join you at your home when in early labor. Call or text her and she will be there!
  • Doula will help with relaxation, etc. to prepare for going to the hospital.
  • Doula will assist partner and guide them on how to assist mom.

Communication Methods Used:

  • Zoom
  • FaceTime
  • Cell Phone - Talk & Texting
  • Whatsapp

Whatever works best for you at home and in the hospital.